About TaxiMonger

Based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), TaxiMonger is a cool taxi-app which allows the public to book and review taxis online. Currently serving Kuala Lumpur (and the Klang Valley), TaxiMonger will soon expand to other major cities in Malaysia and targeted cities in South-East Asia and Middle-East regions.

The Taxi Booking function allows the general public to order a taxi without having to call the traditional hotlines/call-centres. As for the Taxi Review function, the public is able to search by plate-number for past comments/ratings of the taxi that they are getting a ride in and of course, write comments about their ride too. The Taxi Review function has been positioned to become a crowd-sourcing platform to compile ratings of taxi-drivers over the medium to long-term period.

Previously known as Taxi Watch during its infancy conceptualization, the name TaxiMonger was finally adopted as when the founders met, the focus changed: from only about catering as a review platform to include taxi booking too. TaxiMonger was launched on 13 February 2012 at the Developers' Launchpad held in conjunction with the Malaysia Social Media Week 2012.

TaxiMonger is made in Malaysia for the world and is an alumni of SeedStartup, an international acceleration program in Dubai. The latter is an affiliate of TechStars network (America’s No. 1 accelerator) which has given birth to internet giants such as SendGrid and OnSwipe.